Mastering Online Shopping with Your Checking Account Number

Mastering Online Shopping with Your Checking Account Number

Online shopping is super convenient. With just a few clicks and a credit or debit card, you can buy anything from AirPods to Ziploc bags and have them delivered right to your door, sometimes even on the same day. But not everyone wants or can use a credit or debit card. So, if you’re wondering, “Can I shop online using my checking account?” the answer is yes. Some online stores let you make purchases using your checking account number, no debit card needed.

### Sites That Accept Bank Account Payments
Not every online retailer allows payments with a bank account and routing number, but some do. Here are a few:
– **Amazon**: You can pay directly from your bank account.
– **eBay**: Accepts payments via PayPal, which can be linked to your bank account.
– **Macy’s**: Allows payments through PayPal.
– **Best Buy**: Accepts PayPal.
– **Nordstrom**: Uses PayPal.
– **Walmart**: Accepts PayPal.
– **Retailers that accept Affirm**
– **Retailers that accept Sezzle**

### How To Pay With Your Account and Routing Number
If you prefer not to use a credit or debit card, you can use your checking account number. Here’s how:

#### 1. Gather Your Information
Before you start, make sure you have your checking account number and your bank’s routing number. The routing number is a nine-digit code that identifies your bank. You can find these numbers:
– On your checks: The routing number is the first set of nine digits on the bottom-left corner, and your checking account number is the next set.
– Online banking: Log in to your account and find these numbers in the account summary or details section.
– Bank’s website: Search for “routing number” on your bank’s official website.
– Contact your bank: If you can’t find it, call your bank’s customer service for help.

#### 2. Choose a Trusted Online Retailer
Pick a reputable and secure online retailer. Stick to well-known websites that protect customer data and use secure payment methods. Check their privacy statement to see how they handle payment information. Some trusted retailers include:
– **Amazon**: Save your checking details in your account and select it as the payment option.
– **Walmart**: Select “Pay with Cash” at checkout, then “Pay with Checking Account” to enter your details.
– **Best Buy**: Accepts eChecks, which you can get from your bank.
– **Target**: Select “Debit RedCard” at checkout to withdraw funds directly from your bank account.

#### 3. Select the ‘Check’ or ‘Add a Bank Account’ Option
At checkout, look for the payment option to pay using your checking account or bank account number. It might be labeled “Check,” “Add a Bank Account,” or “ACH Payment.”

#### 4. Enter Your Information
Fill in the required information on the payment page. This usually includes your bank’s routing number, checking account number, your name, and address. Some retailers might also ask for your driver’s license number.

#### 5. Review Order Details
Before finalizing your purchase, double-check your order and payment details to make sure everything is correct.

#### 6. Submit Your Payment
Once you’re happy with your order and payment details, click “Submit” or “Place Order” to proceed. The retailer will process your payment using the information you provided.

#### 7. Wait for Confirmation and Delivery
After your payment is processed, you should get an order confirmation. Your items will be delivered to your specified address within the estimated delivery time.

### Protecting Your Checking Account Information
To keep your checking account and routing number safe, follow these tips:

– **Shop on reputable websites**: Use well-known and secure online retailers. Look for a lock icon near the URL.
– **Avoid public Wi-Fi**: Use a secure and private internet connection when making online purchases.
– **Monitor your accounts**: Regularly check your bank statements and online banking activity for any unauthorized transactions.
– **Enable two-factor authentication**: If available, enable this for added security. You’ll need a second form of verification to access your account.
– **Use a secure payment platform**: Consider using platforms like PayPal that offer extra protection.
– **Protect your passwords**: Use strong, unique passwords for your online accounts. Avoid easily guessable information like birthdays or names.